Paris: Part Three

Montmartre Walk

Montmartre is home for me. Walking the streets of my old neighborhood, there would be times when you would look up and the buildings would part to reveal Sacré Coeur. On one of our first days in the city, Morgan and I walked there by ourselves without any directions. We simply continued walking uphill until we reached the top. It was a beautiful view of the city and a great day.

Weeks later we did the sanctioned walk–– the one that was mapped out for us to do. I was grateful we did because we saw many more things the second time, including some quaint little houses and Picasso’s house. We were with our NYU Paris friend, Maeve. Here are some photos from those days. P.S. Most of these photo creds go to Morgan, who forgot her own camera that day.


Morgan and Maeve in front of Picasso’s place.


St. Denis


Street performer at the top of Montmartre. Dude had skillz.



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