Paris: Part Four

Parisian Necropolis: Père Lachaise Cemetery

“I don’t ever think about death. It’s alright if you do, it’s fine.” – Glory and Gore by Lorde

I had that one line of that one song stuck in my head during this whole walk. This was one of my few Parisian expeditions I did alone, but that seemed appropriate; you don’t need a whole lot of company to explore a necropolis. Père Lachaise is the biggest cemetery in Paris, and it’s full of the rich and famous. I went on Halloween– the only really Halloweenish thing I did that day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even though I tried to deny it, I thought about death a lot.

Victor Noir. Rumor has it, rubbing a certain part of this statue brings fertility to women. For those of you wondering, yes. I did.

The Grave of Victor Noir. He was a journalist, but what’s he’s really famous for is the legend surrounding his grave. Supposedly rubbing his junk brings fertility to women. Yes, I did rub his junk.

Flowers at the Monument aux Morts.

Flowers at the Mounument aux Morts.


Monument aux Morts, or Monument of the Dead.


The grave of Heloise and Abelard. Worst love story ever.


Jim Morrison’s grave.


Oscar Wilde’s grave

DSC_0611 DSC_0629


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